Xiangjiang Happy City

  • Skiing Area
  • Fun Snow Area
  • Recreational Complex
  • Parent-Child Activity Area
  • Flow Rider Area
  • Thrilling Valley
  • Long Sledding Slope

    ​This slide is twice as long as the general one Users can ride the sled down the top of the snow-covered hill, and a sled can accommodate up to 2 persons, and it is better that children is accompanied by an adult

  • Ski Area for Beginner Skiers

    ​For beginner skiers, he or she shall master several fundamentals of skiing and undergo basic training by a ski instructor before gathering smooth skiing experience We firmly believe that you are smart enough to master the skills of skiing To do practice, you can get back to the starting point either by magic carpet slope beside you or ski lift overhead

  • Wonder Snow land a panoramic view of 720°
  • Joyful Waterpark a panoramic view of 720°