Xiangjiang Happy City

Happy High Street
Happy High Street

The Xiangjiang(Xiang River) Happy High Street Outlets is located in the central area of the Xiangjiang Happy City---a core cultural tourism industry project in the Dawang Mountain tourism resort. 

Designed by the American Gensler company, it covers a total area of around 107 mu, with a total construction area of about 115,000 square meters. And the total investment of the project reaches around 1.015 billion yuan. Dotted with themes of featured retail, food service, cultural and artistic creativity, this project will create a new generation of Outlets Style Street by introducing internationally renowned products, boutique retail, sports fashion retail, fine dining, tour package and other commercial activities, so that the tourists can fully enjoy the charm of urban leisure and entertainment. 


Plot diagram of Xiangjiang Happy High Street Outlets 

  Note: Phase One, Plot A; Phase Two, Plot B


Building Diagram of Xiangjiang Happy High Street Outlets

  Note: Phase One, Buildings 4-15; Phase Two, Buildings 16-21

The project is divided into two phases. The first phase, covering about 82 mu (planned for Buildings 4-15), has finished construction and is in the stage of brand investment promotion and decoration. The second phase covers about 25 mu (planned for Buildings 16-21). 

The ratio of green space is around 19%, and the comprehensive plot ratio is 0.8. There are about 900 underground parking spaces in the commercial street, which are connected to the underground parking of the Happy Square (which has about 722 parking spaces).

Divisions of the four major theme zones

The project is divided into four theme zones according to the architectural layout and the characteristics of scenery resources. 

Theme Zone 1: Return to Nature

An open and circular square

By the decoration of water scenery, green plants and lights, 

a natural and wide open space is formed 

so that the tourists can feel the nature and relax while shopping.

Theme Zone 2: A Joyful Celebration Atmosphere

Festival celebration activities can be held in this zone in combination with holidays and festivals, 

so as to enhance the holiday atmosphere 

and satisfy the festive mood of the consumers. 

Theme Zone 3: A leisure atrium with a unique sense of artistic design

A wide atrium is designed 

in combination with decorations of art elements 

to create an open atrium image with dense artistic tonality, 

so that the consumers can feel the artistic atmosphere while shopping. 

Theme Zone 4: A lakeside footpath of tropical style

Combined with the landscape advantages of the lakeside and the 400-meter artificial beach, 

an artificial footpath is constructed along the lakeside 

and is decorated with tropical green plants, 

which echo the style of the whole building 

and create a lakeside footpath view with a unique tropical flavor, 

and also enhance the atmosphere of leisure and relaxation.  

When the Xiangjiang Happy High Street Outlets opens for business, 

tourists can not only enjoy the deep pit landscape of the Xiangjiang Happy City, but also have a full experience of the one-stop entertainment service of skiing, splashing, window-shopping and eating.